About the Networking


The Networking Village complements the Policy Conference. Here, participants can explore policies and projects through five types of highly interactive activity.

An exhibition area hosts permanent stands from EU Institutions and partners for in-depth exchanges. In the networking area, a rolling series of half-day interactive presentations and dynamic activities allow participants to engage with a large number of stakeholders throughout the event. For more direct debate, come to the Speaker’s Corner, where delegates will give fifteen-minute talks on innovative initiatives, followed by lively short Q&A sessions. Participants can also set up one-to-one meetings through the match-making app (PRESDO) on themes addressed at the event. This year’s networking programme is complemented by a SparkShow – an innovative game-style debate where a panel of journalists quiz project representatives after a three-minute project pitch.

When and Where?

The five types of Networking Village activity will take place at the Residence Palace on 21-22 June 2017. In addition, some of the permanent stands will be available at the Charlemagne building on 20-22 June 2017.


The Networking Village fosters information-sharing and new connections to promote sustainable energy innovation. It is an opportunity for participants and stakeholders to exchange ideas on policies and best practice, and a chance to lay foundations for future cooperation.


All participants are welcome to attend the networking activities.

Public and private organisations can also apply to a call for contributions to feature in the networking area, present at the Speaker’s Corner or promote a project at the SparkShow. Contributors and presenters will be selected by the European Commission, with an emphasis on interactive activities that encourage audience participation.