Advanced biofuels — the voice of the industry

This panel discussion brings together representatives of a broad spectrum of stakeholders and informs them about the current policy and market landscape for advanced, sustainable alternative and renewable transportation fuels (ART-Fuels). It aims to discuss the barriers hindering a wider exploitation of ART-Fuels in Europe and to present the industry’s perspective on the recently updated 2030 energy strategy.

The panel discussion includes four short presentations on advances in the ART-Fuels supply industry, analysing current innovation technology progress and focusing on the need for a holistic policy and market deployment framework. Panellists affiliated to the advanced biofuels demand sector (maritime, aviation, heavy duty vehicles and passenger cars) and experts in policy and market issues for ART Fuels contribute to a round-table discussion and debate. This focuses on industry’s competence and the need for an appropriate unified market regulation setting to further promote ART-Fuels commercialisation. Panel moderation aims to highlight the required customised policy framework along with the current advanced capacity of the relevant industry to cover market needs.

The event is designed to increase awareness of the perspective of ART-Fuels among the main stakeholders and policymakers, communicating the industry’s need for a solid policy framework upon which the widespread market penetration of ART-Fuels would become feasible. It is part of the dissemination activities of the “Support for alternative and renewable liquid and gaseous fuels forum (policy and market issues)” or, in short, “ART-Fuels Forum” project financed by DG ENER, which started in December of 2016 and is planned to last two years.


Principal Administrator
Directorate General for Energy / European Commission
Professor / Chairman of the Renewable Energy COnsortium for R&D (RE-CORD), University of Florence
Renewable Energy COnsortium for R&D (RE-CORD), University of Florence
Managing Director
EXERGIA S.A. Energy and Environment Consultants
Beta Renewables
Marine Standards Advisor
Stena Rederi AB
BTG Biomass Technology Group BV
Senior Energy Consultant
Leader – Volvo Group governance structure for alternative fuels, energy and climate related issues
Volvo Group
Vice President, Stakeholder Relations
UPM Biorefining
Senior Project Manager
FCA Resarch & Technologies
Senior Associate Neste R&D