BRIDGE — accelerating smart grids and storage deployment by removing barriers to innovation

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative that gathers more than 30 Horizon 2020 innovation actions in the field of smart grids and energy storage. It aims at identifying and structuring transversal issues encountered in actions’ demonstration projects and that may constitute obstacles to innovation. The work is organised according to four main areas of interest, addressed by four Working Groups: one each on data management, business models, regulations and customer engagement.

Projects participating within BRIDGE share field experience, feedback and lessons learned when dealing with policy barriers to innovation. BRIDGE gathers the outputs generated by the projects in order to speak as a single voice towards policy makers when making recommendations to remove barriers to innovation deployment.

This seminar focuses on the main messages to policy makers from the demonstration projects, with a particular emphasis on the latest legislative proposals of the European Commission, “Clean Energy for All Europeans", published in November 2016. During this session, the Chairs of the four BRIDGE Working Groups will present their recommendations for facilitating the deployment of smart grids and energy storage solutions that could increase the share of production from renewable sources, in particular wind and solar, and contribute to decarbonising the European electricity system.

The strength of the BRIDGE initiative is based on the expertise and diversity of its members, which include stakeholders covering the whole energy value chain. Recommendations are based on field experiences collected from the demonstrators of the Horizon 2020 projects involved in BRIDGE.


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