Clean energy in islands — challenges and solutions

The purpose of the panel session is to address in depth the challenges related to the integration of renewable energies in isolated or weakly interconnected systems, and which measures, tools and solutions are being developed by the System Operators present on these islands to overcome those challenges.

The panel will also present different storage solutions adapted to the special conditions of islands and discuss how those solutions improve new insular clean energy models. The target groups consist of stakeholders having a specific interest in developing sustainable and clean energy systems that respect the special environment, communities and living conditions on islands. The final aim is to accelerate a transition to carbon neutral generation and supply of energy while continuing to ensure security of supply. The event should contribute to the development of new tools to identifying concrete new projects and to increase overall awareness and confidence in integration of renewables in isolated energy systems.

Following the European Commission’s legislative proposals in the Clean Energy for all Europeans Package, islands have more than ever a key role in ensuring the achievement of the 2030 climate and energy targets. The panelists will present the range of solutions currently being developed worldwide including the ones in the Italian, Irish, Greek, and Spanish islands representing the interests of TSOs, renewable generators and NGOs.

The European islands today are acting as a full scale testbed to evaluate the effectiveness of different solutions for the continental system tomorrow. By sharing these practices, TSOs can improve their own performance but, what is more relevant, the energy community will have the opportunity for learning about these experiences, and will have a better understanding of the difficulties that we will be facing once the transition process in continental Europe will be advanced enough.


Head of Isolated Systems
REE - Red Eléctrica
Innovation Programme Manager
Renewables Grid Initiative
Business Development Director
FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy
Managing Director