Developing self-sustainable energy systems on islands — islanders leading the change

In its Clean Energy for All Europeans package, the Commission announced an initiative for a clean energy transition for EU islands. Islands’ environments create specific challenges which require tailor-made solutions, using innovations and energy transition technologies. These include, inter alia, renewables integration, micro-grids, energy efficiency, energy storage and batteries and e-mobility.

This session aims to:
1. provide an update on the Commission’s initiative for a clean energy transition for islands;
2. inform the audience about projects for decarbonisation on islands;
3. discuss how islanders’ engagement and support contribute to the Commission’s plans for a clean energy transition for EU islands;
4. present the key factors that could interest business in financially supporting projects.


Director of Energy Policy
European Commission, DG ENERGY
Chief Executive Officer
Elfelagið SEV
Deputy Head of Unit, New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal
European Commission, DG ENERGY
Ecoligo GmbH
Techical advisor and representative of Sifnos Island Coop
Sifnos Island Coop
Manager and Energy Adviser
Ærø Energi- og Miljøkontor
Secretary General
Akuo Energy