Event type Conference

1st Collective Event of the ENERINVEST project

In order to exchange information, successful experiences, documentation, technical and economic data, technologies and the applicable law, the ENERINVEST project is organising a collective event for all actors and stakeholders related to the design, development and implementation of sustainable energy projects - public or private.

The format of the event takes the form of “flash expositions” for the first part - fast and dynamic presentations on successful and representative sustainable energy projects. These will be followed by group activities: the participants will be distributed between five roundtables of experts, to solve problems and limitations identified by each project typology.

The meeting will end by sharing the conclusions reached in each group activity.


Bienvenida, presentación del evento y de ENERINVEST (Deloitte Advisory)

Presentación de la herramienta de financiación de proyectos ENERINTOOL (Fundación CIRCE)

Programa Beenergi (Diputació de Girona)

Complejo ecoturístico Mar de Fulles (ECrowd! Invest)

Proyecto estratégico Rubí Brilla (Ajuntament de Rubí)

Proyecto ESE La Casona de León (ESEN, eficiencia y servicios energéticos)

Instalación y monitorización de instalaciones fotovoltaicas (Agencia Local de la Energía de Barcelona)

Rehabilitación energética integral en edificios de oficinas (Torre Rioja Madrid, SA)