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2016 Launch Press Conference on the Prize ‘Energy and environmental excellence in Alto Minho’

This is the second edition of the conference on the ‘Energy and environmental excellence in Alto Minho’ prize, an initiative of the regional agency for energy and environment of Alto Minho. The initiative will be presented and disseminated to social communication institutions and local and regional organs with the objective of enhancing the submission of applications from interested parties.


João Esteves | AREA Alto Minho, Presidente da Direção da AREA Alto Minho

José Maria Costa | CIM Alto Minho, Presidente do Conselho Intermunicipal da CIM Alto Minho

Luís Braga da Cruz | Presidente do Júri do Prémio

Luís Silva | Júri do Prémio

Vitor Leal | Júri do Prémio