Event type Conference

Abracadabra 1st International Workshop

ABRACADABRA will demonstrate to key stakeholders and financial investors the attractiveness of a new renovation strategy based on volumetric add-ons and renewables (AdoRe) that “adopt” existing buildings (the assisted buildings) to achieve nearly zero energy. These AdoRe can be one or a set of assisting building unit(s), such as side or façade additions, rooftop extensions or even an entire new building construction.

Invited speakers and project partners will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the deep renovation of existing buildings through the ABRACADABRA up-grading synergy between old and new. The ABRACADABRA strategy results in the implementation of an ad-hoc densification policy that aims to foster investment in deep renovation of the existing built environment throughout Europe.

Our aim is to provoke a legislative and market earthquake, accelerating the revolution towards nearly zero energy in existing buildings.


Annarita Ferrante