Event type Workshop

Appuntamento con l’energia / Citizens meet energy

This interactive meeting aims at raising awareness of local citizens around the sustainable energy transition and showcasing smart and clean energy solutions developed by the Horizon 2020 project the organization is working on:NOBEL GRID.The project has been working to develop new tools and business models to allow all EU citizens to benefit from a more secure and stable distribution network, promoting the integration of distributed renewables and greater participation of consumer and final prosumer in the energy market.Besides,ASM Terni will inform local citizens on how the sustainable energy transition is undergoing a fundamental transformation  from a highly predictable,secure and centralised energy market to a much more dynamic and unpredictable environment where intermittent and variable renewables sources are replacing dispatchable and controllable base load generation.


Francesca Santori

Paolo Ricci

Cinzia Fabrizi

Massimo Cresta

Marco Paulucci

Tommaso Bragatto

Francesco Bellesini