Event type Workshop

Better results via innovative public procurement methods: More for less

Meeting of the Covenant of Mayors Financing Working Group

Total public procurement in the EU is about 19% of GDP. Typically, public investments for a low-carbon economy are through public procurement. 

Innovative procurement methods can significantly increase the financial feasibility of investments and improve their environmental impacts.  But so far, key topics and tools, such as Green/Sustainable Public Procurement, Life-Cycle Costing, Life-Cycle Analysis and joint public procurement, are little used.

EU Green Public Procurement criteria in certain (energy related) fields are also being updated. Introducing proper standards into everyday use could have a major impact, procuring more valuable assets or services at a lower overall cost.

Participants will be invited to listen to and talk with recognised experts to enable wider adoption of innovative public procurement methods. The meeting will have an interactive format aimed at enhancing collaboration and discussion of specific issues.


Tamas Solymosi