Event type Multiformat

Bydgoszcz Energy Days

On 2 – 3 June 2016, we invite you to the Bydgoszcz Energy Day. The aim is to promote energy saving and introducing upcoming changes for energy efficiency.

The first day is dedicated to energy saving technologies and benefits. Conference “Renewable Energy Sources – technology and money” targets  companies, entrepreneurs, municipalities, housing communities and citizens. Lectures will tackle problems such as photovoltaic modules, solar panel, financing sources and decreasing costs for the energy purchase.

The second day is dedicated to youth to introduce them with the concept of energy saving and present the newest technologies that are worth investing their time and education effort.  We will hold the XXIV Forum of Environment Protection “Together we decrease the energy use”. In addition, companies will place their stands in the RES Demonstration Centre during the conference. On Mill Island, we will organize an open air event with workshops, shows and demonstration activities.