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Chastre Energy Days as part of EUSEW

The Chastrottes

This annual event is now in its tenth year, and is open to all residents of the Commune of Chastre.
This year’s theme is Sustainable Energies - but what are the Chastrottes? The Chastrottes (a name combining Chastre and marottes) are friendly puppets - dolls or scarecrows - made with recycled materials by local people and displayed as an outdoor exhibition in the town's streets.

Ten Years of The Chastrottes Exhibition - Town Hall, 1-15 June

Since 2008, a vast library of photos has been amassed in respect of this annual competition, and will be exhibited in Chastre's Town Hall.

CHASTRE Energy Day, Saturday 24 June

A lot has been said about wind turbines, so we are offering you the opportunity to find out about them first hand. Visit Ernage's new wind farm and find out about energy cooperatives.

Reducing energy in mobility is also part of the event and we are offering you the opportunity to experience the benefits of using an electric bicycle during your visit.


Hélène Ryckmans

Nosse Moulin SCRL fs