Event type Workshop

The Cloud is a Data Centre: Managing the Energy Impacts of Digital Living

This breakfast session will look at how our daily online activities affect the energy consumed by our core digital infrastructure.  The energy needed to book a train journey online, use an app to navigate or share photographs on social media is not always obvious.  The Digital Agenda and associated policies will also be enabled by the same infrastructure. 

Although more and more of this digital activity is being hosted and managed in the cloud, that “cloud” is a physical entity: servers in data centres.   The session will explore these connections and how to manage them.  It will be moderator-led with views from a sector association, a cloud provider, a carbon analyst and an NGO.  Each will give a short overview but most of the session will be Q&A. 

This is an open session relevant for policymakers, green and consumer NGO representatives, user industry associations, company representatives, think tanks and journalists.