Event type Workshop

Consciousness and climate change: Empowering people for a world in transition

Real, lasting change of any kind starts with the individual with a change of consciousness. Nature demands changes of us as individuals, businesses or governments. We believe that it is through seeing ourselves and our relationship with the Earth from a broader perspective that we will be able to find strength to make these attitude and lifestyle changes.

With the present climate anomalies and political debates, there is increasingly sophisticated information available. In addition there are multiple advances in renewable energy technologies. Along with informing and educating, our greatest challenge at this point seems to be on empowering: inspiring and enabling people at all levels of society to do something positive and effective themselves.

This is perhaps where spirituality has a unique role to play in shifting consciousness, building confidence and nurturing co-operation. We invite you to explore needed shifts in consciousness for transition with experts from various fields.


Prof. Dr. Ilan Chabay

Joachim Golo Pilz

Dr. Marco Bischof

Sonja Ohlsson