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Cyanometer is a monument to the blueness of the sky. It is inspired by a simple tool for measuring blueness invented by Horace Benedict de Saussure in the 18th century. His blue colour wheel forms the core of the monument, gently directing our gaze back to the sky.

Placed on the busiest streets, Cyanometer shifts our attention to our connection with nature. This basic analogue tool reminds us of our immediate surroundings and the unmediated reality. In a cloud-data based world, the clouds that really matter are the ones that we see in the sky.

Discretely placed in the body of the Cyanometer is a real-time visualizer of the air pollution data, which passers-by can read. The Cyanometer periodically collects images of the skies. These are then added to the collected data, forming an online archive measuring and documenting the changes of our environment.