Event type Multiformat

Cynnal Cymru Low Carbon Networking Lunch

Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales invites you to our Low Carbon Networking Lunch. We hope that these lunches will create new business links and networking opportunities. Cynnal Cymru is is keen to strengthen links with companies, organisations and individuals passionate about creating a more sustainable Wales. Lets work together.

This is our July lunch, which we are holding in conjunction with the Low Carbon Cymru Conference, a two-day event that looks at research and application solutions to new challenges arising from unsustainable urbanisation and a loss of natural capital.

DAY 1: Nature-based solutions for a low carbon Wales will explore current and future nature-based solutions for a low carbon society. 

DAY 2: Smart grid, smart living will examine the ‘internet of energy’, a greener, more reliable, and more efficient power supply. Research has already revealed opportunities for industry and the public sector to embrace new technologies to bring about a low carbon sustainable society.