Event type Workshop

Different Products, Same Problem? Examining Shortcomings in Test Methods and Practices for Energy-related Products Post-Dieselgate

- Inadequate methods, modes and tolerances for energy-related products – What we know so far

Confidence in current testing methods has taken a strong blow following the reports on test circumvention in the car sector. As part of efforts to restore trust, we discuss issues related to the energy-related products sector and the representativeness and accuracy of testing practices. We delve into the lessons that can be learnt from test practices in the car sector, share experiences from the field, and explore ways in which the system can be improved.

- Panel 2: Towards a better coordinated, inclusive and efficient Ecodesign process

Robust, reliable measurement methods can only be achieved through well-coordinated processes and actions between policy-makers, standardisers, industry, & societal stakeholders. We will discuss how to improve regulatory and standardisation processes (and their interaction) in the area of Ecodesign so as to restore trust and prevent a new VW-like scandal.