Event type Workshop

Efficienza Energetica per lo Zero Consumo Energetico con gli Impianti Geotermici e le Fonti Rinnovabili Integrati nelle Strutture Ricettive delle Isole del Mediterraneo

The conference will aim to identify the best "Sustainable Solutions for Tourism Resorts", particularly in those areas with high levels of tourist attraction and high demand for tourist accommodation facilities.

To reach the conference objective, the speakers will present a real pilot project of a hotel resort. The pilot will depict technologies and innovations that deliver environmental sustainability, high energy efficiency, and the use of renewable resources such as geothermal plants.

These tools are particularly interesting to and relevant for hotels on the Mediterranean islands. The strategic position of Ischia, which is rich in sunshine, wind and thermal energy, is testament to the potential of a low energy carbon transition in Italy which satisfies tourism demand and does not incur high energy costs.



Francesco Paolo Lamacchia, Presidente del Network Ec0

Giuseppe Perfetto, Owner of Solar Design Studio

Elvis Arghittu, Direttore Commerciale

Gianmatteo Lucchese, Ingegnere