Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Electric car and renewable energy demonstration

Ingleside is a 19th century cottage in 1.5 acres of very steep hillside. The owners have recently bought a Nissan Leaf car for economic reasons and they claim it “outperforms a Porsche in town, costs between nothing and £2 to fill up its tank and has you talking to complete strangers in motorway service stations”.  Come and have a look and find out more.  Visitors to Ingleside can also see a biomass boiler with accumulator, a wood fired cooker, woodworking workshop, firewood processor, charcoal kiln, a solar wood drying unit, solar PV and kitchen garden.

No dogs please. Free admission

Park in Redbrook and then walk over the bridge into Wales, continue walking ½ mile south on the old railway line (marked "Private road"). The cottage is up a steep concrete ramp on the right, 20 metres after the locked forestry barrier. It is not possible to find the property on a Sat Nav.