Event type Conference

Electric vehicles, Grid-Integration and Distributed Energy Storage: Opportunities and challenges ahead

In the light of the post-2020 targets to continue reducing CO² emissions from transport, the uptake of electro-mobility is essential in order to achieve the ambitious EU targets. The new generation of electric vehicles has the potential to be more than cars by operating as individual “energy hubs” that can store, use or return electricity to the grid through vehicle to grid (V2G) technology. Vehicles can send power back into the grid, making renewable sources more widely available and affordable.

A forward-looking climate change strategy will require a move towards smarter, more efficient grids and distributed energy storage. Electric vehicles will be part of this revolution to develop and implement a transportation system integrating renewable-based vehicle charging systems.

The panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for electric vehicle grid-integration and distributed energy storage.


Manuel Sanchez-Jimenez - DG Energy European Commission - Smart Grid Team Leader

Daniele Agostini - Enel - Head of Environmental and Low Carbon Policies

Dave Keating - Moderator - Journalist

Eric Feunteun - Renault - Electric Vehicles Programme Director

Francisco Carranza - Director Renault-Nissan Battery & Energy Services

Marcus Fendt - The Mobility House - Managing Director

Robin Berg - Lomboxnet Netherlands

Senan McGrath - Chair of the Electromobility Platform & CTO at ESB