Event type Conference

Energy efficiency in buildings: pathways towards nZEB [Eficiència energètica als edificis. Camí cap a nZEB]

The Catalan Institute for Energy Research (IREC) and the ECOS group (Energy Efficiency in: System, Buildings and Communities) are participating in several projects related to energy efficiency in buildings.

IREC wants to share their experience with public authorities and professionals to disseminate the project’s main results. The seminar will take place under the framework of the RePublic_ZEB project and the focus will be on the public sector towards ‘nearly Zero Energy Buldings’ (nZEB).

Public sector and nZEB are going to be analysed from different points of view: legislative context, strategies to different building categories, residential and tertiary buildings, refurbishment and new buildings, renewable energy integration, urban planning and role of the public authorities.