Event type Conference

Energy Efficiency Day in Borjomi, Georgia

Increasing energy efficiency and affordability in multiple sectors is a win-win for everyone. Making industrial, commercial, public and private use of energy resourses more affordable and more efficient is a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption and pollution, maintain housing, and create healthier and more comfortable working and living environments to achieve sustainable development.

Our Agency's main task is to establish partnerships between local and national officials along with all other stakeholders who are interested in developing energy efficiency. These could be in local communities in our region or in the whole country. Only together will we will be able to improve living conditions in our region and to support growth in energy efficiency investments at the local and national level.


Mr. Akaki Machutadze- Governor of Samtskhe Javakheti Region; Mr.Kakhi Kaladze-Minister of Energy; Mr.Dimitri Kipiani- Mayor of Borjomi Municipality and some other Guests