Event type Conference

Energy Poverty in South-East Europe

Between 50 and 125 million EU citizens (about 10-25%) are estimated to be affected by energy poverty. The situation is even more severe in some of the South-Eastern European (SEE) countries. It is estimated that in SEE countries about 30% of households are struggling with energy poverty. It is often assumed that energy poverty has the same characteristics, regardless of cultural, climatic or political background. It has been shown, however, that regional differences play a significant role in the prevalence and characteristics of energy poverty.

This high-level debate on the topic of energy poverty in the EU will be a short, focused debate on challenges of energy poverty in the SEE region, and will take place in the European Parliament. The debate will be inclusive of all key stakeholders, gathering Members of the Parliament, scientists and experts dealing with energy poverty issues as well as representatives of civil society.

This conference is organised within the REACH project.