Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Energy self-sufficiency: Hybrid installation – small wind-turbine and photovoltaics generation for lighting (L’Autosuficiència Energètica: Instal•lació híbrida)

Can we light the city's lamps with wind energy ?

Come and visit Guinardó’s hybrid small wind-turbine and photovoltaic generation installation and find out about it. It is a facility that supports area lighting from storing daytime generation in batteries that are emptied every night.

During the visit we will explain how these facilities work, where there are similar sites in the city and what areas are most suitable for Barcelona to take advantage of wind resources. You can also view and visit the facility and get to know all the teams at the turbine and photovoltaic modules and who ultimately allow us to accumulate energy and achieve the conditions needed to reuse energy.

Visit the hybrid small wind-turbine and photovoltaic installation facility, located next to the steps of carrer Tenerife, Guinardó . Co-organised by the Barcelona Energy Agency and ‘La Fàbrica del Sol’.

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