Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Energy self-sufficiency: The photovoltaic pergola at the Forum (l’autosuficiència energètica: La pèrgola fotovoltaica)

Do you know how much electricity the photovoltaic pergola at the Forum is capable of generating?

The photovoltaic installation at the Forum Park was built in 2004 as part of the Forum of Cultures. When the forum was finished a second facility was built, in this case not directly managed by the City Council. The two facilities have a total power output of 1 300 kW (1.3 MW) and an area of 10 700 m2.

The size of the installation is equivalent to that of a football field, with a maximum height of 50 m, making this facility a giant umbrella that protects visitors from the sun. It is a true work of engineering that aims to preserve the environment and promote the use of renewable and clean energy for daily use.

Visit the city’s flagship facility that generates photovoltaic electricity cleanly and sustainably. Organised by ‘La Fàbrica del Sol’ in collaboration with TERSA.