Event type Multiformat

European sustainable energy week

13 June
The opening of the European Sustainable Energy Week in Novovolynsk by the representetive of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.
Events in "Prukordonnyk" camp on the river Zahidnyy Buh:
- Holiday of the energy efficiency, prepared by children.
- Football: city officials vs camp team.
Rountable - achievements of the first year implementation of the EU funded project "First step in transition of the renewable energy sources in Novovolynsk" - presentation and discussions.
14 June
Competition "The energy efficiency day" in school camps.
15 June
Training on investment proposal writing for condominiums and communal enterprizes.
16 June
Public showing movie "Home" in movietheater "Ridnyy Kray"
17 June
City-quest "Path to energy efficiency"
18 June
City bike ride
Master-class handmading energy efficiency things by young people
Gathering used batteries action
Competition on drawing pictures "Sustainable energy in my city"
Ballons flashmob
Closer of the European Sustainable Energy Week in Novovolynsk.