Event type Conference

Every-saving for everyone

Saving energy is good for our environment, the future of our planet, and thus for our children. It saves money too.

Yet many households hold back and don't insulate their homes – they’re too busy, it’s too much hassle, they have no idea of payback times.

Here's the solution: By joining forces with neighbours it all gets a little easier, better and cheaper. In other words, it gives you 'neighbour strength.' And that is the name of an organisation that wants to support neighbourhoods in energy-saving – 'Buurkracht' (Dutch for 'Neighbour Power').

At this meeting with Buurkracht – organised by WarffumWerkt! – you will hear how you can gain insight into your energy consumption and save energy as well as how we can combine forces when buying insulation materials.

The province of Groningen is supporting this meeting with an exhibition on how to make houses more sustainable while maintaining the character of the village (http://iabr.nl/nl/projectatelier/nordic_city_on_tour).