Event type Open air event

For.Este Sostenibile (Sustainable forests)

The initiative, promoted by the municipality together with the Energy Days Veneto, is an open-air ecological Monday called "Rinnovati di Verde - Renewal in green". It has three main activities:

  • Two guided visits to the District Heating CHP plant of S.E.S.A. spa (the multi-utility of the municipality), which is fueled by biogas produced from anaerobic digestion of organic urban waste;
  • Padova 3 Energy Counter infopoint, with promotional material about domestic renewable energy devices and solar purchasing groups;
  • Municipality infopoint about the new initiative of the green electricity promotion/purchasing group, which is being implemented within the IEE Mayors in Action project.

All the initiatives aim to support the implementation of the sustainable energy action plan (SEAP) which the City presented in 2013 and which has been recently reviewed.


Federico De Filippi