Event type Conference

Gas for heating & cooling: Empowering consumer choice for affordable and efficient heating and cooling

Massimiliano Salini and Algirdas Saudargas, Members of the European Parliament, will host a policy seminar on the role played by gas in providing affordable and efficient heating and cooling for tens of millions of EU consumers.
Speakers will discuss the potential opportunities offered by the latest gas technologies for heating and cooling. The seminar will feature short, specific presentations and a Q&A session. The focus will be on the energy/cost savings these technologies offer and related emission reductions.
Presentations will showcase innovation in gas in heating and cooling, including energy efficiency and complementarity with renewables, and in particular the applications’ adaptability to and interoperability with national energy mixes and infrastructures. Attention will be paid to consumers, including the existing financial instruments for them to finance retrofitting of boilers for heating homes or other available gas technologies for domestic use.