Event type Workshop

Generating Electricity from Salt Water: Applications for Salinity Gradient Power

Water scarcity and increasing global energy demand are two issues that must be jointly tackled if we want our society, industry and our economy to thrive.

This workshop will look at both issues and show how, by using innovative technologies, both water and energy can be linked together to overcome these major obstacles. We will host expert researchers talking about different applications for technologies that use water to create energy; two awarded Horizon 2020 projects will be explained; and we will discuss with the European Investment Bank which funding is available for water innovation and desalination technologies.

Finally, the first book dedicated entirely to Salinity Gradient Power will be presented and experts from DG Energy in the European Commission and the European Investment Bank will provide their viewpoint on these matters.


Frank Neumann

Joost Helsen

Marjolein Vanoppen

Giorgio Micale

Matthijs Soede

Iain Shepherd