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Geothermal Day at PGI-NRI

The Geothermal Day at the Polish Geological Instute will be a set of presentations on the general topic of geothermal energy as an RES and on its benefits for sustainable energy use in urban and rural areas.

Presentations will be aimed at general public. They will cover both shallow geothermal energy (ground source heat pumps) and deep geothermal systems (hydrothermal, balneology and enhanced geothermal systems, etc.).

Parallel to geologists' lectures (followed by discussions), a Geothermal Information Point will be open during the event. Here, attendees can take part in interactive presentations and tutorials on how to access to geological information resources from PGI-NRI web-hosted databases. The infopoint will also include a set of infographics that explain simply the importance of geological factors in planning geothermal energy systems (GSHP or DH).