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Group energy-buying to fight against smog and pollution

The Municipality of Raciborz undertakes various types of activities to limit emissions and improve air quality in city. In particular, it assists local residents ito eliminate local heat sources and replace them with environmentally clean solutions. To be more effective, both installation costs and electricity/gas prices should be as low as possible.

That is why the Municipality of Raciborz has joined forces with Ogarniamprad.pl – an e-commerce platform that allows energy consumers to shop around for the best energy deals in real time and switch to the most competitive retailers.

On 17 May, Ogarniamprad.pl will present gropu energy-buying possibilities to motivate citizens to band together and create "market power" to obtain lower energy prices. The meeting will take place in the City Hall, starting at 3:30 pm. All residents are welcome.

We believe that challenges in the fight against smog require energy customer engagement and their active participation on the local level.