Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Guided tour: Biogas processing plant/Photovoltaics processing plant

On 21 June (Wednesday) LIPOR intermunicipal waste management service opens the doors of its biogas processing plant and photovoltaics processing plant, located in Baguim do Monte. All citizens who want to visit these units are welcome. Visits are available from 09:15 to 10:45 and from 11:00 to 12:30 and will be accompanied by LIPOR technical staff.

LIPOR recognises climate change as one of the greatest current challenges, which require concerted action from governments, organisations and citizens. The adoption of LIPOR's 3 m strategy - less waste, less carbon, more climate - represents its commitment to action.

As part of axis 2 of this strategy, LIPOR has been implementing internal emission reduction measures, including the setting of quantified objectives and the appropriate monitoring of compliance.