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A Holistic Interdisciplinary Approach to Energy Inviting Citizens' Participation

The majority of citizens fail to understand why (apart from paying the bill) energy forms an integral part of and therefore cannot be dissociated from their everyday concerns. This is because 'energy' is still too abstract a term to awaken any significant interest in the population.

Changing citizens' behaviour towards energy use necessarily requires education through interactive collective citizen participation. Since sustainable energy, energy efficiency, transport, refurbishing/retrofitting buildings, urban architecture and planning, ICT/Digital technology, governance, environment, citizen society well being and quality of life are all interconnected and affect city life, these interactive components must be presented together encouraging holistic thinking.

Pilot Scheme 1 does exactly that. PS1 is a typical integrated interdisciplinary project that blends together multi-level governance with new capacity-building at local, regional, national and even international levels.