Event type Workshop

How does an roadsinfrastructure- and waterworks manager achieve energy- and climate neutrality?

Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands. This includes the main road network, the main waterway network and watersystems.

Rijkswaterstaat aims for energy-neutrality in 2030, as a contribution to becoming climimate-neutral as well. This means that, in 2030, we will only use sustainable energy for the operation of our networks.

On June 6th, we would like to meet up with you at the Rijkswaterstaat office in Brussels, to share our experiences on becoming energy- and climate neutral. We will showcase and discuss pilots and projects chosen from:

  1. Sustainable energy purchase
  2. Abandonment of fossil energy
  3. Energy demand reduction
  4. Sustainable energy production on our networks

These approaches apply to our network manager activities  (incl. overhead). Meanwhile, we influence the activities of contractors through sustainable procurement. On that, we will inform Europe during the #EUGREENWEEK in May.