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Imperial-EU Energy Day

The world’s cities are becoming increasingly important. Worldwide, urban populations are on the rise, while in the EU the urban populace has already reached 73%. Energy for transport, businesses, housing and production must be provided, while still transitioning towards a cleaner, low-carbon economy. This challenge of providing secure, sustainable and affordable energy in cities around the world will be one of the greatest challenges of the coming century. 

So how can we provide our cities with adequate energy, less pollution and fewer carbon emissions, without compromising economic growth? 

This conference will bring together speakers and experts from academia, non-governmental organisations and business to discuss the challenges, opportunities and funding of energy efficiency. 

Contact organizers for more information: Livia Kalossaka (livia.kalossaka12@imperial.ac.uk) & Alison Midgley (alison.midgley15@imperial.ac.uk)


Petra Sarapatkova: Policy Officer at the European Commission

Dr. Mark Barrett: Senior Lecturer, University College London

Ipek Gencsu, Research and Engagement Manager at the New Climate Economy

Richard Kirkman, Technical Director of Veolia, UK