Event type Workshop

Innovative solutions for Smart Energy Cities: the OPTIMUS Decision Support System

The Optimus project

The FP7 funded OPTIMUS project has developed a package of advanced ICT tools to assess smart energy cities and improve the energy performance of their buildings.

OPTIMUS Decision Support System (DSS) sits on the top of existing energy management systems, integrating five data sources from various domains (weather, building monitoring, occupants’ feedback, energy prices and energy production) in order to propose short-term action plans for building energy managers to optimise energy use and thereby reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

The workshop in brief

This training workshop is hosted by the City of Zaanstad (OPTIMUS project partner). The one-day event will cover:

- European municipal strategies and experiences in energy management and policy;

- Practical guidance and lessons learnt on smart data analysis and measures to optimise energy use in buildings; and

- Demonstrations of their applicability in the Zaanstad pilot building.