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Lower Your Baseload Week

In "Lower Your Baseload Week" people will make the effort to register their baseload for a week and try to lower it structurally. What's your baseload? It's your energy use without the peaks. It’s the amount of electricity used when no laundry machines, ovens, computers or television sets are turned on. Your energy use during the night is a good indicator of your baseload. An average baseload will be somewhere between 50 and 250 watts.  It can consist of the energy used by fridges, modems, adaptors and pumps, for example. How can you lower your baseload? When appliances are old they can get inefficient. Replacing them with new efficient appliances is a good way of lowering your baseload. You can find a lot of information about energy labels and the most energy-efficient appliances on the European Commission energy website:

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More information about LYB-week can be found on www.powermeterapp.com.