Event type Multiformat

Microenergy Day 2016

Microenergy Day 2016 will be focused on the role of microenergy in ICT devices. The event will take place at Auditorium Santa Cecilia on Thursday 16 June. 

The dissemination activity will be split into the following main events:

  1. Award ceremony of the international project 'Students vs. ICT';
  2. Award ceremony of the photo contest entitled 'Click 4 Energy' and exhibition of the best 20 finalists; 
  3. Distribution of informative flyers and gadgets to the local audience during short explicative seminars;
  4. Long-range QRP communications organised by the local amateur radio community www.aripg.it in order to diffuse relevant scientific research on microenergies to all the amateur radio community. Special QSL postcards will be sent to all the people who connect.

These events will be part of the dissemination activities of the ICT-Energy Coordination Action www.ict-energy.eu funded by the EC in the framework of FP7.