Event type Open air event

The NER 300 EOS (Green Energy) project for a 50 MW CSP plant with thermal storage

EOS, together with the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of the University of Cyprus, is organising this event to promote EUSEW's broader objectives.

The event presents the NER300 EOS (Green Energy) project. This project received a EUR 60.2 million grant to build and operate a 50 MW CSP plant using EOS/SOLASTOR's innovative technologies with state of the art storage, facilitating the efficient use of solar energy over 24 hours. The project has a total budget of EUR 175 million and has completed all EC and EIB due diligence procedures for constructing the project in Cyprus. EOS and SOLASTOR of Australia are partnering in this project to deliver the first plant of its kind CSP in Cyprus with adequate thermal storage. This capability makes it a fully dispatchable generating unit capable of competing healthily in Cyprus' electricity market.