Event type Conference

New Covenant of Mayors: comparing experiences

The Region of Veneto has been a Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Coordinator since July 2012, recognising the initiative as a key element of its policy and being a successful example of multi-level governance.

The proposed event is part of the European IEE initiative ‘Mayors in Action’ which focuses on coordinators and supporters of the CoM (C&S), to foster and empower them in selecting, adapting and channelling good practices for the implementation and monitoring of existing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). Furthermore, information on the new Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy will be provided.

The event will focus on methods to accelerate the implementation and monitoring of SEAPs through tested solutions. A selection of replicable best practices on climate and energy will be provided as well as information about the financial opportunities for funding energy efficiency investments, and how to overcome potential legal and financial barriers.