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OREF Open Meeting - CES's Surf n Turf Hydrogen Challenge featuring Arcola Energy

OREF welcome Arcola Energy to present at this open meeting.  The CES-led Surf n Turf project has funded the Arcola Hydrogen Education and Outreach team to run their Schools Hydrogen Challenge Workshops in Orkney during June.  This involves: providing information about energy, and especially hydrogen, to both primary and secondary pupils; letting them design and build cars out of Lego; and powering them with a small amount of hydrogen to see whose design will go farthest.  

The talk will include an introduction to Arcola Energy and why they work in engagement. It will also look at the Orkney schools project as part of Surf n Turf.

Attendees will then be invited to have a go themselves at building a small-scale hydrogen car out of our Lego car kits.  The kits being used showcase real technology on a miniature scale, and participants practice an iterative design process to race their cars in a test of efficiency, aiming to get the furthest distance on a fixed amount of fuel.


Arcola Energy