Event type Open air event

Osservazione Astronomica a Cisterna di Latina

Rama Energy, a company operating in the field of bio-building and renewable energies, will organise an astronomical observation event in collaboration with the "Astronomia Pontina" association. The event will take place in "Casa Mattia B&B", a totally green structure, made of straw and wood, realised and managed by Rama Energy.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness among the participants of the issue of light pollution. Approximately 30% of the electricity used to illuminate external environments is unnecessarily and damagingly dispersed to the sky, causing light pollution that alters the night sky and destroys the light of celestial bodies.

From 9 p.m. the external lighting will be switched off to allow the experts of the "Astronomia Pontina" association to illustrate the main constellations. A telescope will be made available to participants, which will allow them, with expert support, to see Jupiter and Saturn.


Marco Mazzoli

Andrea Miccoli