Event type Exhibition/guided tour

Passivhaus Marlegno OPEN DAYS

The main aim of the OPEN DAYS at Passivhaus Marlegno are to show how eco-sustainability, energy efficiency and high aesthetic quality can be combined in a single building.

A design engineer will accompany you during the tour, showing the main characteristics of this passive house and describing its building innovations. 

In fact, this house has been built with an innovative technology using prefabricated wooden floors and walls without glue. Moreover, it is designed in accordance with the strict standards of the Passivhaus Institut such as air tightness, high thermal insulation, solar gains and CMV with heat recovery, in order to minimise energy consumptions and reduce its environmental impact.

The careful design of details, the brightness of spaces and the high aesthetic quality make Passivhaus Marlegno a healthy and comfortable home to live in.

Want to participate? Send an e-mail to: info@marlegno.it