Event type Multiformat

Re-Start Innovation: Energy Efficiency

Re-Start Innovation: Energy Efficiency is a one-day conference, group discussion and work session. This multiformat event with a focus on efficient energy stems from our main event, Re-Start Innovation, a three-day workshop for the promotion of eco-innovative start-ups, taking place in May (and a Green Week 2016 Partner Event).

This one-day focus is an opportunity to deepen the study and analysis of the major issues related to renewable energy sources, reduction of energy consumption, energy storage and efficient energy systems. Its purpose is to draw attention to the great potential of these sectors and to bring together energy companies, equipment manufacturers and medium/large electricity users.

We also mean to provide operators in the sector, especially young companies, with clear information on technical and administrative issues, such as the mandatory certifications, measuring systems for the assessment of consumption savings and reduction of environmental impact.