Event type Workshop

Think Exergy not Energy – a Science Europe Workshop

When we think about energy, we consider it in terms of quantity. However, in a resource constrained world, energy - and in particular its efficiency - must also be appreciated from the point of view of quality, which is its ability to do work.

In order to include the quality and not just the quantity of energy, we need to measure ‘exergy'. Exergy can be applied to individual processes, to industries and to whole national economies. Exergy provides a firm basis from which to judge the effect of policy measures taken towards energy, resource and climate efficiency. In the future, consumers could be informed about products and services in terms of their exergy destruction footprints in the same way as carbon emissions.

Energy experts, policy-makers, stakeholders and citizens are invited to this workshop, where energy and natural resources are considered on the basis of exergy. On the same occasion, a publication on these issues will be released by Science Europe and its Scientific Advisors.


Paul Rübig

Caroline Whelan

Bonnie Wolff-Boenisch

Thomas Stocker

Signe Kjelstrup

Antonio Valero Capilla

Paul Brockway

Jo Dewulf

Susanne Siebentritt

Amanda Crowfoot

Fernando Centeno

Dave PW Solberg