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A safe investment in the future!

‘Secondary school Nº 4 in Dzerzhinsk’ is a pilot project within the international technical assistance of the EU/UNDP "Development of an integrated approach to the expansion of the program on energy saving".

Teachers and students of our school are working on the initiative" To be efficient!”. Its leaders have created a school-wide committee on energy saving named "Energy-WE". The motto of the committee is “Efficiency is our main principle!".

To promote the ideas of energy conservation among local community members the Enego-WE committee will distribute visual propaganda in public places of the city.

In 13 June 2016,  the school’s propaganda team will perform at the patron JSC Amkador-Dzerzhinsk during the campaign "A safe investment in the future!". The students will promote the sustainable use of energy resources and encourage adults to protect the environment.


Ludmila Luksha