Event type Conference

Scottish Renewables Low-Carbon Heat Conference

The Future of Low-Carbon Heat in Scotland

Join us in Perth Concert Hall to hear from leaders across industry, government and key stakeholders on the future of the low-carbon heat sector.

Investment in renewable and low-carbon heat is essential not only to meet our energy targets but also to achieve our ambitions to decarbonise our heat supply, improve energy security and tackle fuel poverty. The 2016 conference will take a look at the challenges in the sector on the way to 2050 and explore the following key issues:

•    What role is low-carbon heat expected to play in the Scottish Government's energy strategy?
•    What does the future hold for the Renewable Heat Incentive?
•    What changes can we expect to regulations and standards to encourage more low-carbon heating?
•    Where will investment come from and how can the market be more attractive?
•    How do we integrate storage into our heating systems?