Event type Workshop

Scuba Scientific Synergy Energy Saving

'S4' is a workshop devoted to sharing methods on energy saving. We create synergy by strengthening interaction between researchers.

Let’s take as an example the analysis of a side-scan sonar digital track. Below you can you find images for different disciplines – plants and algae, geomorphology, and archaeological anomalies. So take three experts on these fields on a boat, share the technology, combine perspectives and get excellent results!

1 instrument + 1 boat + 1 computer + 3 people = energy saving!

First session:

  • The scientific diving team, methodologies and techniques: what we have in common and best practices for scientific diving.
  • Synergy and collaboration: energy-saving in connection with research and underwater archaeology
  • Energy saving boats: solar and wind solutions for energy production on board (new projects)

2nd session:

  • Search and survey methods
  • Marking objects and sites
  • Sampling and recording techniques
  • Remote sensing
  • Archaeomatic and geomatics methods and tools


Giovanna Bucci