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SEAF Investor Days Workshop

The Investor Days Workshop is a free event that aims to provide a forum in which investors and contractors can learn from each other in order to foster future cooperation and investment in sustainable energy projects. The day will feature local players such as the Green City Initiative, Zaracla, banks, investors and contractors.

Within this context, the SEAF platform (Sustainable Energy Asset Evaluation and Optimisation Framework) will be introduced as a tool that will unlock investment opportunities in sustainable energy initiatives. 

The event is meant to be interactive and participants (both investors and contractors) are welcome to present. The day will be followed by a dinner.

The next morning (June 17th), the SEAF consortium will engage with stakeholder contractors to review the beta version of the SEAF platform.

For more information on how to join, or if you would like to present, please contact Caroline Milne: cmilne@jouleassets.com.


Jessica Stromback, Chair of Joule Assets Europe AB.

Panama Bartholomy, Director of the Investor Confidence Project

Juan Manuel Alcaraz, CEO of Zaracla Sl